We can give you the white smile you've always wanted.

This is our business exclusive.  We come and treat your employees in the workplace, in a boardroom, office or setting of your choice. We are committed to providing high-quality dental hygiene care to people who may not normally be able to access treatment.

Many people find that taking a considerable amount of time out of their working day to visit the dental hygienist is not only inconvenient but sometimes impossible.  We are aware that there are a large number of workers who do not access hygienist care as they simply can’t take the time off work and, as such, patients see a decline in their oral health, which will worsen as time passes.

As a company, it can be frustrating to lose valuable days or hours of productivity to employees needing to have time off work to attend their dental appointments and rearranging work schedules.  If you allow us to come to your premises, your staff will only need to take 30 minutes out of their working day, in-house, to have this service provided to them.  I’m sure you’ll agree, the health and satisfaction of your employees is paramount.

We come to you, set up in a suitable room, usually a boardroom or side office, and spend the day treating your staff members, providing them with all the services we have to offer as a dental hygiene practice, leaving them able to resume work with minimum disruption.

As a company, it costs you NOTHING. You don’t pay for us to be there, the employees pay us individually for their appointment. You don’t arrange appointments, the employees do. We arrange with you only the days we are in your offices and the employees call or email us directly to book up appointment slots.

We provide a completely bespoke service; a perfect fit that results in more efficient business process management.  The end result is healthy, happy employees and hours of productivity gained.

If you are interested in the benefits that we have to offer, let's arrange a quick meeting so we can discuss and agree upon what suits you or your company best. Or if you’d like to jump straight in we can set up a trial date to see if our service is something you and the employees will find beneficial.

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