Length:  60 Minutes ( £120 GBP )

This appointment is for patients who have been identified as having gum disease (periodontal disease).

These appointments are recommended to patients following an initial hygienist appointment where the presence of gum disease has been detected.

During this appointment the areas of the mouth that have gum disease are isolated and we may use local anaesthetic to numb the area so treatment is more comfortable.

Each periodontal pocket is then carefully cleaned using mechanical and hand instrumentation.  It is important to ensure that each pocket is cleaned thoroughly leaving smooth tooth and root surface behind to enable the gums to heal.

Depending on the extent of the gum disease you may require more than one appointment, which will be discussed with you during your appointment so you are fully aware of the amount of appointments you will require to ensure the treatment is carried out effectively.

1. Deep scaling appointment

2. Essential for ensuring the thorough cleaning of periodontal pockets

3. Continued support and re-evaluation of oral hygiene methods.

4. Possible use of Local Anaesthetic

5. Washing out of pockets with antibacterial solutions

6. Possible use of supplementary medicinal aids for healing of pockets (periochip)

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