Ever wanted a bright smile?

There are so many comforts in life that we enjoy but are not good for the aesthethics of our teeth.  The regular tea or coffee, the wine, the cigarettes, and even some foods all have a massive impact on the discolouration of our teeth.  We provide teeth whitening services that can brighten that smile up and give you the confidence to smile as wide as you like without worrying that people will see those stained gnashers.  Your teeth are normally the first thing that people notice about you, so you want them to look their best, to make a lasting memorable impression.

The teeth whitening is carried out by one of our GDC registered dentists, and they will make you feel right at ease in the chair and give you that boost of confidence that you are yearning for, with a brand new pearly white smile.

We offer two different types of teeth whitening. The first is bleach whitening, which involves taking impressions of your mouth and getting bleach trays made that are individual to you so they fit snugly against your teeth.  We then provide you with the bleach that you use to put in the guards.  You wear the mouthguards once a day for an hour for a period of two weeks, and providing you have used the system correctly and for the time you were instructed to, you should see great results.  The price for this treatment is £300.

SECOND OPTION - Our second option is called Zoom In-Chair Whitening.  This is performed using the Phillips Zoom Whitespeed LED Light which can yield spectacular results, with teeth up to 6 shades lighter in colour.

This treatment takes about 60 minutes to complete, you will also be provided with a home use kit which consists of individually made trays and bleach for you to use at home, which will enable you to increase the level of whiteness you desire which will lead to a longer lasting shade of white.  The price for this treatment is £500.

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