Our opening hours

We as a practice are leading the industry in offering unrivalled access to dental hygiene services and pride ourselves in being extremely flexible in our availability.  Most practices only offer normal office hours but we recognise that work and life can get in the way sometimes so we decided to be as open and flexible as possible. 

We can offer appointments from as early as 7AM which could serve as a pre-work appointment through to 9PM Monday to Friday which should help those with busy and hectic lives to access dental hygiene at a time that suits them and a place that they feel comfortable, i.e. home.

We do not offer appointments during weekend hours. But there are exceptions to the rule. So if there is a specific reason that a weekend appointment is needed please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and hopefully we can reach a solution for you.

We currently offer our services to patients primarily in London, Surrey and Sussex and hope to expand in the future to make our services available to as wide an audience as possible.

Book your appointment with The Sparkle Fairy today and experience the new phenomenom that is "Hygiene at home".