Corporate Service

Corporate Service

Length: 30 minutes (£50.00 per employee if seeing 3 or more on the same day, £80.00 otherwise)

"Revolutionizing Workplace Dental Care: Unleashing the Power of Productivity and Oral Health"

Welcome to our extraordinary business exclusive, where we bring the pinnacle of dental hygienist care directly to your workplace. Whether it's a boardroom, a first aid room, or any setting of your choice, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled dental care to individuals who may face barriers in accessing treatment.

We understand that taking precious time away from work to visit a dental hygienist can be inconvenient and sometimes impossible for many employees. Countless individuals are unable to prioritize their oral health due to the inability to take time off, leading to a decline in overall oral well-being that only worsens with time.

As a company, the loss of valuable productivity due to employees needing time off for dental appointments and the subsequent reshuffling of work schedules can be frustrating. That's where we step in. Instead of your employees taking time off, we bring our exceptional services directly to your premises, requiring them to dedicate just 30 minutes of their working day in-house to receive top-quality dental care. We firmly believe that the health and satisfaction of your employees are of paramount importance.

Our team arrives at your location, setting up in a suitable room, often a boardroom or side office, ready to treat your staff members throughout the day. We provide a comprehensive range of services, utilizing all the expertise and resources of our dental hygiene practice, ensuring minimal disruption to their workflow as they seamlessly transition back to work.

The best part? As a company, it costs you absolutely nothing. You won't incur any charges for our presence as your employees individually cover the cost of their appointments. There's no need for you to handle the appointment scheduling either, as each employee can directly contact us to secure their preferred time slots. We simply coordinate with you to determine the days we'll be in your offices, and the rest is taken care of. By sending out our convenient online booking link to your staff, they can swiftly secure their appointments on a first come, first served basis. In a typical day, we can accommodate around 10 employees, and if there's a need for more, we can arrange a subsequent visit.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering a truly bespoke service, perfectly tailored to your company's needs. This seamless integration of dental care into your business process management translates into increased efficiency and productivity gains. The ultimate outcome? Healthy, happy employees who can contribute their valuable hours to driving your business forward.

Our business model also earned us the acclaim of winning The Guardian’s Small Business Mentor Competition which enabled us to meet up with one of the Dragon Den’s brightest stars, Lopo Champalimaud. Here’s what the judges had to say about our business:

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The Sparkle Fairy’s entry described an ambition to grow its mobile service throughout the UK. Mahoney said: “I was impressed by the breadth of application for this professional services business model […] I felt a mentor could be invaluable in helping the company prepare for, and address, the potential challenges in growing a local service to a national chain.” Vijayakumar added: “The market for employee benefits or services is growing rapidly and I think The Sparkle Fairy is a great product in a great space.”

If you're intrigued by the multitude of benefits we have to offer, let's arrange a brief meeting to explore and align on the best approach for you and your company. Alternatively, if you're ready to dive right in, we can set up a trial date, allowing you and your employees to experience the immediate advantages our service brings.