Hygienist Appointment

Hygienist Appointment

Length: Typically 45 minutes ( £80.00 GBP )

"Igniting Smiles with Personalized Care: Unveiling an Extraordinary Dental Experience"

We believe in the power of genuine connections and always start our journey together with a friendly chat, getting to know you on a deeper level. Your comfort and well-being are paramount to us as we embark on this transformative dental experience.

As the appointment commences, we carry out a comprehensive gum health check that goes above and beyond the ordinary. This meticulous process allows us to identify any underlying gum issues and target specific areas that require personalized care and oral hygiene instruction.

In the absence of periodontal concerns, our next step is to treat you to a thorough scale and polish session. Our skilled team utilizes high-end ultrasonic scalers and highly skilled hand scaling techniques to remove calculus (Tartar) that may be clinging to your teeth. Experience the sensation of clean, smooth tooth surfaces that not only radiate freshness but also make it easier for you to maintain a pristine oral environment. The final step involves carefully polishing each tooth, resulting in a smooth and clean smile. The polishing procedure helps create a polished appearance and promotes oral health by helping to reduce the risk of dental issues. After the polishing is complete, you will be sporting a clean and refreshed smile.

Should any gum issues surface during our thorough assessment, fear not, for we are prepared to address them head-on. If localized gum disease (periodontal pockets) is detected in a specific tooth or two, our skilled professionals may even provide targeted treatment during this very appointment. Rest assured, we are equipped to discuss any further treatment requirements or formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have while ensuring your gums remain healthy and your teeth retain their strength.

As our appointment nears its conclusion, we take great pride in leaving your home with you, not only with enhanced oral health but also with a profound sense of satisfaction. Our commitment to delivering a first-class service shines through as demonstrated by our 100% 5-star reviews, which you can read by visiting our official Google Reviews page here or our Facebook Reviews page here. We also keep tabs on the incredible progress you're making with your home care as we share insights from our assessments across appointments, motivating you on your journey to a healthier mouth.